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The process of acquiring a tailored suit can be somewhat challenging and tedious, with you always questioning every decision you are taking. This is not the case with Bellisimo Regno however. Right from the very beginning, with the selection of the fabrics to the last minute changes in the design, they have accommodated for all my queries and rendered this journey a pleasurable one. Despite the tight time frame and logistical challenges, it all went very smoothly, and I ended up with a smart and great outfit. I’ll recommend Bellisimo Regno to anyone who is looking to be the best well-dressed individual in the room…

Vishagen Moorghen / Graduate

It was an enjoyable experience overall, the whole process of getting my suit tailor-made to suit my specifications and as per my fittings. They delivered a suit and a shopping experience just as I had expected, which also fit me well. They also were very prompt in answering any queries I had regarding the suits.
I would highly recommend Bellissimo Regno to anyone wanting to get a well designed and well-fitting suit with a great personalised experience.

Chaitanya Gulavani / CFA Level 1 Candidate