5 Things about a Suit that You Didn’t Know

Sleeve of the Suit

A suit is a traditional garment with a long history. Here are five lesser-known facts about a suit that will get you thinking

Origin of the word “bespoke”

The word “bespoke” has its origins in the 17th century. To get a traditional suit, a customer had to go to a tailor’s shop and ask for his suit to be stitched from a particular material. If another customer had asked for the same content, he would be notified that the option was “been spoken for”.

One suit button undone

Today, it has become a standard etiquette to leave the last button of your suit undone. This tradition buds from the king Louis XIV. While preparing for a ball, he realised he had put on much weight. This caused him to realise that he would not be able to fasten the last button of his suit. As a sign of respect to him, the other men at court also left the last button unfastened.

Working buttons on the sleeve

The working cuffs were made for doctors who practised during the time of war. This was so that they could roll up their sleeves while treating patients on the battlefield. Today, these working buttons have become a signature element of high-end bespoke suits.

The buttons are on opposite sides.

Back in the days, it was only the upper class wearing suits. For men, it was assumed that they were primarily right-handed. The women, on the other hand, dressed with the help of a maid. Therefore, having the buttons on the left-hand side made it easier for the maids to button up.

Meaning of the word

The word originates from the French word “suite” which essentially means following. There is much ambiguity around how suit relates to the following. The most plausible explanation is the fact that suits are a consummation of years and years of fashion. Therefore, you may see it as adorning a suit is following a fashion trend. TO design your own Suit, check out the great collection at Bellissimo Regno.

Fashion has come a long way. From being a symbol of affluence and wealth, suits have now become a wardrobe essential. Whatever may be the case, suits remain a time-honoured convention of menswear.

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