Bellissimo Regno Pty Ltd.

-Estd. 2017-

Style in Every Step...

Welcome to the Kingdom

The Bellissimo Regno Shoes & Sneaker collections are the classic amalgamation between comfort and style. Extremely versatile in its appearance and utility, the shoes aims to go well with both a casual attire as well as a formal ensemble. These shoes are the perfect choice for men always on the move and focus on keeping them classy and comfortable on their feet. 

Why we do what we do?

The CEO was greatly intrigued by the field of market research and wanted to explore different ventures and ideas. Inspiration struck when he decided to translate his childhood passion for designing things into a commercial undertaking. He had always thought to himself – why can’t people design the formal clothes and shoes they want to wear?

Bellissimo Regno brings together the best of design and technology. You can design your own shoes and our innovative technology makes measuring yourself easier than ever before. Being comfortable in your own shoes helps you reflect more broadly and holistically and get a better look at the bigger picture while eliciting a sense of power.

Step with style in your Bellissimo Regno shoes and be the emperor of your own beautiful kingdom!

Unleash Your Creativity.

A vast repository of materials: Suedes, Sartorial Fabrics, Hand Painted Leathers, Hand Made Patina Crust, Polished Calfs, Patent Leather… etc. We have it all. In order to provide you with the best raw materials, we have partnered with some of the best leather suppliers in the world. So unleash your creativity tell all our clients to design whatever their hearts desire, whether Classy or Outragous. You have to Stand out to be Outstanding

Real Time Change

The world’s best 3D shoe customization tool, that allows you to Make changes and design the shoes you want to wear in real time. Dozens of types of shoes and accessories are available to serve as mold for you to create your own designs.

Get Inspired

A beautiful compilation of unique shoe designs aimed to  inspire, each design has been carefully curated by designers and are available to be purchased as a preset on our store pages.

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