Bespoke v/s Made-to-Measure

The primary difference between bespoke and made-to-measure suits is that bespoke is entirely hand-crafted to cater to each body type individually whereas, made-to-measure is machine made from a standard pattern which can be adjusted according to the requirements of each individual. Bespoke allows you to create your own pattern and the range of options you can go for is limitless. Made-to-measure, on the other hand, lets you choose from the choices available which are then altered to fit you.

Bespoke offers an extensive collection of fabrics to choose from since you can design your suit befitting your needs and preferences. Made-to-measure, however, has a limited assortment to choose from due to its standardized nature.

Bespoke is a highly customizable path to tread as it allows you to customize anything on your suit, starting from the color to the fabric and even the buttons. It is the pinnacle of tailoring expertise. Made-to-measure only lets you customize a few options, the usual ones as the suits are machine made.

The difference also lies in how many fittings each kind of suit requires. Bespoke entails multiple fittings during the entire process of creating the suit in order to make the fitting impeccable. For made-to-measure suits, it requires one a one-time measurement and a subsequent final fitting.

In this age of customization and personalization, bespoke is the way to go. It provides the most premium quality suits intended to help your imagination run wild to create a suit that represents your individuality.

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