Best man and Bridal party
Best Man- The Wedding Dress Bro Code

A best man’s wedding attire might be one of the most overlooked points when planning a wedding. However, a lot of doubts seem to arise on how to dress like the best man for the wedding day. Here are some pointers on what you can do complement the wedding aesthetic with your outfit.

Black Tie

A black-tie wedding event will have a very formal tone. You might want to wear a tuxedo but might opt for a black peak lapel. Because of the formality of the event, mixing styles and colours of the lapel may seem out of place. This can also take the attention away from the special couple. Additionally, you should accessorize with a bow tie and white pocket square. Black and polished shoes will compliment the ensemble.


Although it is not a completely formal way of dressing, a semi-formal dress code still requires a suit and tie. Depending on the time of year, suit colour and fabrics will differ. In the colder months, it is recommended to get heavier and darker colour fabrics, such as black or navy. However, in the warmer months, you might want to use lighter and thinner materials, perhaps a grey or beige colour. With this in mind, a tie is a must wear, but if you’re uncomfortable wearing the tie, attempt a pocket square instead. This makes sure your outfit ties into the partial formality of the wedding. Matching your belt with shoes is recommended, although it would be better to skip the belt altogether.


The cocktail dress bridges the space between formal evening wear and casual daywear. It is best to opt for a dark coloured suit, but you can mix and match the outfit and accessories. However, it is a given that the shirt underneath should be a solid colour. Pair your suit with a pocket square(ties are not necessary) and tie up shoes or loafers. Whatever you do, stay away from sneakers, as it is still a formal event.

Beach Formal

The formal beach style can is interpreted in many ways, but it always requires a suit and tie. Also, if the wedding is going to be held at the beach, wear lighter coloured fabrics with a linen shirt. Accessorize with a tie or pocket square. Despite having to walk on the sand and by water, it is NOT recommended to wear sandals- instead, opt for footwear that you can wear sockless.

Dressy Casual

The dressy-casual indicates that the best man shouldn’t be bedecked in a t-shirt and shorts. Instead, it is still somewhat formal, but a suit is not necessarily required. Also, you can choose trousers or blazers with chinos. Avoid wearing a tie, and be cautious when wearing sneakers. You could opt for our Monet sneakers, which adds a casual but also luxurious touch to your outfit.

Ultimately, the bridal couple should specify the dress code they prefer, but never forget the role the best man plays- to support the groom and lead the groomsmen.

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