English Tailoring Vs. Italian Tailoring

The best men’s suits are to either stitched the English tailoring or the Italian tailoring way. These categories have been around for years and have become epitomes of the classic men’s formalwear. Here are some of the differences between the two tailoring styles. English Suits English suits are very well-fitted suits. They are cut closer […]

Partnerships are Imperative

For many years, marketers and brands have always been asked to have a story to tell. They have consistently been asked to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This is to help customers perceive the brand differently, and this perceived difference will act as their motivation to buy. For brands that are growing, two things are […]

What we have on our office desk?

Typically, office desks are treated as places to clutter with photographs, your laptop, and other paraphernalia. However, at Bellissimo Regno, our desk often has ten essentials, which help increase our productivity at work. Laptop With the overwhelming use of technology these days, a laptop at your desk is an absolute must-have. You need a laptop […]