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Planning a Bachelor Party: An Unforgettable Night

A bachelor party is a long-awaited celebratory event- a once in a lifetime one- that the groom and his wedding party should remember! Also known as a stag do, it signifies the groom’s “last night of freedom”, and is commemorated by all sorts of unique activities. Often, bachelor parties are stuck to the stereotype of […]

How to Be the Best Dressed at your Royal Wedding.

Royal Wedding, Flower

Whether you are getting married on a beach in Bali, a banquet hall, or your backyard, the best way to jumpstart your marriage is to make sure that your wedding day goes by without a hitch. The Royal Wedding means a flurry of flowers, venues, wedding gowns, and most importantly, a beautiful celebration for all. […]

How can Self-Esteem be Transformative?

Be your own Hero

Always wondering what others think of you can be a daunting place for anyone. Believe it or not, wearing a suit can increase your Self-Esteem leading to a self-assurance boost. Men are often worried about comments like ‘pretentious’ if they are slightly overdressed or even ‘shallow’ in case they fall into the undressed category. It […]