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Suiting up with Sneakers

Sneaking into the wardrobe is the unlikely combination of suits and sneakers. The Oxfords, Brogues and Patinas are the go-to choice for footwear alongside suits. However, this combination has been gaining increasing popularity as the sneaker market has been exploding in the past few years. Combining your cool new sneaker with your formal workwear seemed […]

Guide to Trench Coat

The primary role of trenchcoats has been to protect the clothing worn underneath from rain. They are similar to overcoats and are specialized in their design to let the rain flow along with the coat, preventing the clothing underneath from becoming damp, while overcoats are utilized primarily as an extra layer of wool to feel […]

English Tailoring Vs. Italian Tailoring

The best men’s suits are to either stitched the English tailoring or the Italian tailoring way. These categories have been around for years and have become epitomes of the classic men’s formalwear. Here are some of the differences between the two tailoring styles. English Suits English suits are very well-fitted suits. They are cut closer […]

Why Buy a Suit for US$1500 Online?

Your clothes tell your story. First impressions are formed in an instant. In today’s world, where communication is critical, first impressions do matter. Dressing and positively carrying yourself is essential in you being perceived well and taken seriously. This is precisely why investing in clothes is so vital today. “Get it through your head, First […]