Dressing like 007

James Bond is one of the most stylish fictional heroes the world has ever known. Often known as the spy with the license to kill, he is everything that every man wants to be. He is handsome, intelligent, dresses extremely well, knows his liquor and is unbeatable with his Walther PPK.

The “James Bond Look” is essentially defined by a minimalist style, elegance, and a perfect fit. He has always chosen high-quality clothes and taken special care as to how the clothes fit on his body.

The Tuxedo

Tuxedos appear heavily throughout the Bond movies. These are usually in dark colors like black or navy blue. They often contain bits of satin at the lapels and usually never have notched lapels.

Three-Piece Grey Suits

Bond’s three-piece grey suits make quite a presence in all the movies. The narrow lapels, ticket pocket with a slip of the handkerchief and the notched lapel waistcoat, all make his grey suit timeless.


Bond prefers 2-button and 1-button suits over 3-button ones. This is because not only are these suits extremely sharp but also allow for enough movement.


James Bond always fastens his sleeves with cufflinks that are complimentary with the suit and the color of the shirt.


Plain derby shoes that are sleek, minimalist in style and have an open lacing system are a James Bond favorite as they are easy to pair with suits


Bond always goes for hand-tied bowties, never clip-on. He prefers favors diamond-pointed ends to his bowties.

James Bond has consistently inspired men to always dress sharp. His look is probably the most sophisticated and iconic of the lot. Looking back at his films, most of his looks can be worn even today by an average man on the street. If you get the James Bond to look right, you will well have achieved a classy outfit to make you stand out among the crowd.

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