English Tailoring Vs. Italian Tailoring

The best men’s suits are to either stitched the English tailoring or the Italian tailoring way.

These categories have been around for years and have become epitomes of the classic men’s formalwear. Here are some of the differences between the two tailoring styles.

English Suits

English suits are very well-fitted suits. They are cut closer to the body. The shoulders of English suits are more defined and narrower. The suits, in their construction display padded shoulders, massive canvassing, and suppression of the waist to accentuate the body. Along with ornamenting the male body structure, English suits are highly understated and conservative, which is why it never looks too flashy.

The jackets have two side vents. They may be single-breasted or double-breasted, depending upon the wearer’s preference. The gorge lines on the jackets are much lower and relatively heavier pieces of cloth are used in the making of the jackets. The English trousers too are high-waist and have two or three pleats. The cut of the pants makes them look well-fitted.

Not all English suits are the same as each tailoring house does have a unique style. However, the essence of British suits is always out there and distinguishes itself well from other varieties.

Italian suits

The cut of Italian suits is very slim and the silhouette very lustrous. The jackets may or may not have vents; however, the lapel notches and buttons are higher than English jackets. The jackets have a definite and distinct V-shape, and the pockets have no flaps. Italian suits, as opposed to English suits, are lighter, have higher gorge lines, and are less padded overall.

The canvassing on the suits is even. The presence of patch pockets at times adds to the casualty of the entire look as opposed to the conventionalism of the English suits. The Italian pants are fitted at the seat and have a tapered waist.

Italian tailoring style are divided into Milanese, Roman, and Neapolitan. They each have their unique tailoring traditions. Today the line of difference between these two types of suits has started to fade out due to the emergence of hybrid styles. The cuts and fits of suits have now become more a matter of choice and preferences. Comfort too has started playing quite a role in determining the fit of the suit.

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