Essential Accessories to have in your Wardrobe

A well-fitted tailored suit is one of the classiest look a man can adorn. However, to make the suit stand out, it needs to be paired with some great accessories. The right accessories add a personal panache to the ensemble and are also useful in stepping up a look that may seem casual.

Here’s a guide to some of the essential suit accessories every man should own.

Pocket Square

Pocket squares give an aesthetic uplift to any suit. Recent trends have got pocket squares back on the fashion grid. Ones that highlight the shirt color can be used for more subtle looks whereas colors that are contrasting the entire outfit give out a more energetic vibe. Neutral colored pocket squares often tone down a very loud suit or tie.


Wearing a tie with a suit elevates the look for a formal occasion. Ties can be worn in so many different colors. For more professional and formal events, light or neutral colored ties are probably the way to go. For weddings, a tie of the same color as your suit could be the right choice. For a more fun event, a tie with unique patterns or ones that are loud in color seal the deal.


A wristwatch is classic menswear that goes perfectly with all sorts of attires but fits in exceptionally well with suits. For business occasions, understated designs are the better option, but for a general formal occasion, a bigger watch is a great choice.

Lapel Pin

Although a small detail, a lapel pin adds an extra flair to the suit. It was a big part of vintage fashion and has recently regained importance as of today. It could be floral, decorative, or even related to a cause close to your heart.


Socks add a playful element to the look. You could go for subtle socks or even interesting ones to funk up your everyday formal look. Bright socks are essential tools for those who are looking to stand out.


Belts are ones that hold the suit together both literally and figuratively. The belt should always be matched to the color of the shoe. Investing in good quality belts are essential because they could either make or break the look.


Cufflinks are the easiest way to set yourself apart from the crowd. They could be just clean and straightforward cufflinks or unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.


Suspenders are what complete an outfit and give your look a unique touch. Suspenders can be tricky so you must be careful as to what you pair them up with to add a formal style to your ensemble.

Accessories for a suit must always be decided to keep the occasion in mind. For a business occasion, not going too loud is essentially the way to go, but in terms of a more casual setting, you can rock unique accessories.

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