Groomsmen- Suits, Gifts, Wedding Everything!

As the wedding day approaches, the groom will start to appoint a few groomsmen, and the best man to lead his entourage. However! From picking out wedding suits to wedding gifts, here are some of the groomsmen duties and etiquette to follow.

Wedding Suits

The groom should specify what attire to wear for the wedding(check out our article on groomsmen attire here), but generally, groomsmen are required to purchase their suits. Usually, the best man might be in charge of coordinating these wedding suits. You might have to provide your measurement details, and it will all be taken care of. However, you should be careful with this, because sometimes measurements can get mixed up, and sizing mishaps can happen!

We know that it might be challenging to coordinate wedding suit fittings and gather everyone together. You can accurately measure and customize your suits right here.

Plan the Bachelor Party

As groomsmen, you will be responsible for making the magic happen on the night of the bachelor party! The best man will head this event, but you should suggest any major destinations. Traditionally, you will have to cover all of the costs involved, but of course, this depends entirely on the groom’s preferences and your financial condition. You can head to a local vineyard for a wine tasting trip, or charter a yacht and brave the high seas.

Wedding Gifts

Of course, you are supposed to provide wedding gifts as part of the party. Try to find a meaningful gift for the bridal couple, perhaps even referring to their registry. You can also team up with other groomsmen to give a grander gift. Remember, bed, bath and kitchen gifts are always appreciated!

Wedding Ceremony Duty

It’s a big day! You should be ready with your suit, and on-call in case the groom needs some last-minute help. Whether it’s a stain on the suit, a forgotten boutonniere, or someone’s starving and needing little bites, you have to be there. This is probably one of the least exciting parts of being a groomsman, but it’s worth it to see the groom’s face when he realized the ceremony went by smoothly.

Wedding Reception

You’ve got to be ready for this one- this wedding reception is going to require your active participation! Firstly, you’re going to serve as an information centre of sorts for those searching for the washroom, the minibar, or the dessert table. You will also be introduced to different characters in the wedding party- a bridesmaid you escorted down the aisle, the mother of the bride, the groom’s grandmother, or his aunt’s granddaughter. You’ll be severely involved in dancing and drinks!

Although you should remember that your main job at this reception is make sure the groom is having fun too. Ultimately, enjoying the night will be the greatest reward for organizing the groom’s best day of his life.

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