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How to Be the Best Dressed at your Royal Wedding

Whether you are getting married on a beach in Bali, a banquet hall, or your backyard, the best way to jumpstart your marriage is to make sure that your wedding day goes by without a hitch. The Royal Wedding means a flurry of flowers, venues, wedding gowns, and most importantly, a beautiful celebration for all. This is your own Harry and Meghan wedding- so make sure you are the best-dressed man!

As a groom, there are many different styles of suits you can wear to make sure you turn heads on your wedding day. However, there are so many things to consider than just your body shape and fabric preference. You have to factor in the wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, wedding cake, and many more to tie in the wedding aesthetic.

Nowadays, there are many ways and trends for men to express themselves through fashion. These trends include dressing up for their wedding day. Here are some classic styles and fashion twists for your big day:

Royal Wedding: The Classic Tuxedo

The classic tux never goes out of style. Known for having a satin combination, it is a traditional and elegant white tie fashion decision. This way, you are guaranteed to be the best dressed at your royal wedding. Be sure to match your flower lapel pin with the floral arrangements for your wedding reception and ceremony.

Avant-Garde: The Coloured Suit

Men’s suits are now a form of avant-garde expression. You can wear a khaki suit, a burgundy or an exclusive emerald green suit. If you feel especially daring, you can also opt for a patterned fabric such as stripes, dotted or checkered suits.

To add individuality and expression to your suit. We highly recommend customising your suit. Custom suits create a longer-lasting impression on your guests and also ensures a comfortable and stylish fit. You can customise your suits here.

Leather Shoes: The ‘Sneaky’ Mix and Match Groom

If you’re not a massive fan of the Harry and Meghan wedding, this style statement might be for you. With the new shift in trend to streetwear, grooms are starting to leave dress shoes for a sneaker-tuxedo combination. Now, keep in mind that they have to style themselves well. You can choose to casually mix and match with a pair of Vans, or add a luxurious and smooth finish with our signature Monet leather sneaker shoes.

Bali Wedding: An Ode to Floral

Floral Arangement

The increasing demand for beach weddings, especially Bali weddings, has brought out a beautiful pairing of floral shirts with a light grey suit. This look, in particular, adds a tropical flair to the wedding and helps the groom stand out. Ultimately, the one thing that matters is that the groom feels like ‘a million bucks’ on his wedding day. A tip is to make sure that the groom’s suit is different from his groomsmen’s suits. Be it leather shoes, a classic tuxedo, a Harry and Meghan wedding, or a Bali wedding, enjoy your wedding day as an excellent start to your marriage.

With over 2 million different suit combinations to choose from, find what suits you right here at Bellissimo Regno.

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