How to look great on Wall Street

While working for the benefit of your investors, you need to look capable and professional. The way you present yourself and most importantly the way you dress communicates your commitment, professionalism and your sense of attention to detail. A career in finance does require a sharp wardrobe.


Suits are the customary dress codes for the financial services industry. In terms of a suit, you should always look at quality over quantity. A refined suit is definitely worth the investment because a cheap suit typically ends up looking sloppy and suggests irresponsibility in money-related matters. Dark colors such as black, charcoal, and navy blue are appropriate for the financial sector and you can probably add some personal flair with interesting shirts and accessories. Properly fitted attire can make all the difference to your professional wardrobe. Most off-the-rack clothing does not compliment the many body shapes and sizes that people have today which is why it is always better to get your suit professionally tailored to take the appearance of your suit from entry-level to executive.


Ties with long-sleeved shirts are the bare minimum accessories which are absolutely essential for the financial sector. Conservative ties probably are the best way to go because they are not too loud and they complement the seriousness of the job. Watches and belts too are a great way to accessorize your professional wear but you must always remember that for the workplace, less is more.


For jobs in the financial sector, men should always wear polished tie-up black or brown shoes. A scruffy pair of loafers may undermine your professional image and cost you in terms of the deals you crack.

A professional in the financial industry has a lot to prove, including whether or not they can look the part. New trends may come and go, but a great guideline to follow is to keep it sophisticated and simple. Following these tips will help you make a great first impression and establish an impressive professional image from the very first day.

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