How to pull off a suit without a Tie?

For most gentlemen, wearing a suit without a tie can feel somewhat awkward and strange at first. It seems to go against the traditional style as anybody with the basic understanding of dressing up understands that the entire conventional suit get-up — pants, jacket, shirt, and tie — is not a system of independent pieces, but rather interconnected parts that are stitched to be worn together.

The Jacket

Skipping the tie while sporting a more formal, traditional, dark-coloured business suit feels like you were ready to start something but didn’t want to go the distance; it radiates that “unfinished” feel that damages the tie-less look. If you’re going to play your suit down, consider wearing lighter colours like cream or light pink. Also, make sure that the jacket has a slimmer notched lapel.

The Shirt

It’s all about the shirt. Select one in a fabric with a more casual vibe, like denim. Don’t disregard the collar. A shirt with a button-down collar will look more relaxed and will also help to keep your collar standing up and in place. This is an excellent way to go if you’re sporting a more conventional dress shirt.

The Pocket Square

Select a pocket square with a pattern and a contrasting edge. A played down suit isn’t the place for a neat white pocket square. Have some fun and make sure it complements your outfit rather than resembling it exactly. For the pocket square, my recommendation would be to focus on balance. While you would want to use your accessory to class up your suits, you must make sure not to make it flashy.

The Shoes

Without a tie serving as a suit’s focal point, people start noticing your accessories even more. Loafers or dress shoes are an appropriate choice, and they should always be professional and polished to emit a more business-like impression.

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