How to Suit Up for a Christmas Party

As the year comes to an end and the festivities begin, Christmas party invites start to stuff your inbox. However, you should come dressed to impress. Whether you are at a resort overlooking the mountains or gathered in a banquet hall, here are some style suggestions for you.

Formal Christmas Party

Stylish african american gentleman in elegant black jacket getting ready for a Christmas Party

Where champagne flows and a three-course meal is served, you have to level up. In other words, you should wear a tuxedo. You can opt for a black or white tuxedo depending on whether it is night or day.

Accessorize with a bow tie, a pocket square, and an optional lapel pin. Additionally, you can add on a waistcoat to add on to the look. Remember to pair the colour of your tuxedo with your belt and shoes. Calfskin Oxfords like our Botticellis are perfect for this ensemble. If you feel like tuning it up, try a navy or midnight blue tux. Wearing a white tuxedo will enhance your look for boat or daytime parties.

Semi-Formal Christmas Party

Semi fromal bow tie look ready for a Christmas Party

A balance of black tie and cocktail, the semi-formal dress code is sophisticated and demure. If the party will take place in the evening, wear colours such as dark grey, navy, or charcoal. Similarly, opt for lighter shades during the day. Although a tie is not required, be sure to wear a well-tailored suit with matching dress shoes. We recommend the Giotto Cuoio, a versatile Oxford to enhance your outfit.

Cocktail Attire Christmas Party

Man in a cool suit ready

The cocktail attire is the ultimate form of expression. You can mix and match your jacket and trousers to your preference. Try a blend of contrasting solid colours or a mix of solid and patterned pieces. For the cocktail ensemble, stick to deeper tones such as olive green, burgundy, charcoal, and navy. Most importantly, you should make sure your suit is tailored and has a proper fit.

Winter Christmas Party

getting ready for a Christmas Party in a winter suit

Style and warmth unite for this ensemble. While in casual situations you could throw on the ugliest Christmas jumper you can find, you can class it up with a burgundy or emerald green suit. As a fashionable twist, you can even substitute the button-down shirt for a layered turtleneck. To sum up, dressing up for a winter Christmas party can be boiled down to one simple thing- lots and lots of layers.

Summer Christmas Party

Handsome man in the car,

If you’re dressing for the weather, you might want to avoid heavy fabrics such as wool. However, you have to make sure that you are not underdressed for the event. Experiment with a linen shirt, chinos, and some boat shoes. If your party isn’t as casual, wear a button-down shirt under a linen jacket, and add some loafers or sneakers. Be sure to wear some lighter colours during the day, as darker colours will trap the heat.

Besides, try to experiment with different palettes for this look. Pink, blue, and sand are fail-safe options to look fashionable and stand out at your party.

Things to Consider

Above all, consider the fit and comfort of your formalwear. You’re going to be mingling, nibbling on the canapes, and maybe dancing the night away, so make sure your suit isn’t suffocating. Additionally, don’t be afraid to try out new patterns and colours. It’s a celebratory event, after all.

Lastly, don’t overthink it. Effortless is the new trend. As long as you’re enjoying yourself, you’ll look good no matter what colour or accessory you wear.

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