Look your best this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

On this highly celebrated occasion, if you’re planning to take your partner on an elegant and fancy date, showing up well-groomed is of utmost importance. Not only is it a sign of respect for your significant other, but it also shows that you care enough to make an effort. Here are five tips and tricks to enhance your grooming efforts (Brownie points for taking it beyond just the Valentine’s-Day):

Even out your beard

Today is not the day for unkempt facial hair. To look sharp, trim up on the right spots and make sure to use a balanced amount of beard oil in case you plan on smoothening up.

Apply your girl’s favourite fragrance 

Wearing too much perfume can be almost as bad as wearing none at all. Putting just the right amount matters; the other person should not be left with a lingering smell of it.

Suit up

Put on your best, most well-fitted suit to impress the woman of your dreams. Suiting up could be your way of reiterating how special every day is with her. Also, she’ll know how deserving and wanted you to want her to feel around you. To add a personal touch to it, match your suit with the gorgeous dress you’re going to gift her this valentine’s day. (Check out your options and design a suit to exactly match your preferences here)

Pay attention to your shoes

Men may not know it, but most women, in fact, judge things like a man’s fashion sense, his personality, his attention to detail and even his financial status based on the shoes he wears. This 14th of February, you have to make sure your shoe game is strong. Make your girl feel special by sitting with her and designing your shoes from scratch to complement your suit here.

Pay special attention to your body language, especially during the date 

Be attentive to what she says and make her feel like you will always be there for her. A little smile never hurt anybody – seeing you smile will always make her feel like you are happy around her. A small gesture of chivalry goes a long way – hold doors open for her, pull chairs for her and make sure to compliment her genuinely.

Minimal efforts on your part can make your better half happier than you can ever imagine. Make this valentine’s day the most thoughtful and beautiful one she’s had so far. Let this date remain among her most unforgettable memories because you know it; she deserves nothing less than the best!

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