Off the Rack: One Size Doesn’t Fit All.

off the rack suits

In the modern fashion industry, a new trend of ‘One Size fits all’, off the rack clothing has picked up steam.

The concept is that stores sell clothes and needs to stock only a single size in their outlets. These suits are called off the rack and fall under the category of Fast fashion.

They are able to save money as production can focus on a different range of sizes. Then, these stores force customers to wear this one size fits all clothes with mixed results. As a result, the best fit is standard with the ideal body type based on the store’s preferences. Often, this mentality can lead to image and self-confidence depreciation issues for customers. Customers often find out that these off the rack suits don’t fit them in a flattering way. Thus, it leads to them thinking that their physique is outside the norm and therefore not healthy.

Although this problem is mainly with female clothing stores, it has been implemented into the formal wear industry. As a consequence, these suits fit worse than regular, off the rack suits.

Wearing a suit is meant to show professionalism and exude confidence. However, one size fits all suiting can do the opposite, make people feel uncomfortable and impact their self-esteem. These suits cannot account for the small details of the full canvas suit that makes it fit perfectly. In the face of these developments wearing a well fitted/bespoke suit becomes even more of a standout. Accounting for the type of shoulders, customer’s stance, their abdomen size, and type of chest is critical in the fitting of the suit.

As someone who has worn both ill-fitted off the rack suits and a perfectly fitting bespoke suit, I can confirm that wearing a bespoke suit is like a rush. The increase in confidence lets one act in a whole new way.

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