Outstanding shoe styles to help you Stand Out!

Shoes are the final piece that completes the puzzle, that is your outfit. A good pair of shoes can make or break your look; hence, it is essential to give a lot of thought to your decision on which shoes to wear. With the shoe market in exponential growth, more people than ever are experimenting with their wardrobe by including new styles of shoes in their outfit. Here are a few styles of shoes that can make you stand out and help you uniquely complete your outfit.

High Tops

These shoes have gained a lot of popularity as they can be seamlessly blended with outfits ranging from casual to workwear. The Converse All-Stars High tops are the poster child for these shoes and these, along with other premium high-top shoes from massive brands, dominate the market. Wearing cuffed trousers or folded over jeans with these types of shoes is the way to go.


These are a style of dress shoes that are very underrated. These shoes give a classy and refined look as needed by people wearing dress shoes without opting for the standard but classic Oxfords and Brogues. The most widely used monks are Tan and can complement nearly any shade of colour of one’s suits.


Loafers have nearly faded into obscurity due to the sneaker boom in recent years. However, they shouldn’t be counted out. With loafers becoming rarer day by day, wearing them makes you stand out from the crowd. With a variety of loafers available to complement your outfit, such as Tassel Loafers for the business casual look and Penny loafers to go with most outfits, the time is nigh for a loafer comeback into our wardrobes.

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