Partnerships are Imperative

For many years, marketers and brands have always been asked to have a story to tell. They have consistently been asked to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This is to help customers perceive the brand differently, and this perceived difference will act as their motivation to buy. For brands that are growing, two things are vital – being different and working with established brands. When big brands trust in you, it gives your customers more reason to believe in you. It assures them that your product will be worth every penny.

Davisha Textile Merchants

With a deep understanding of apparel manufacturing, Davisha is the provider of some of the most premium fabrics used in bespoke suits. For them, fabrics are a family tradition. Their involvement in the textile industry started in Europe. In Australia, their presence has been prevalently felt for more than three generations now.

Dugdale Bros & Co.

The providers of an impressive collection of high-quality cloth that when made into suits, are incredibly comfortable to wear and exceptionally durable. Their fabrics have a reputation for being one of the finest throughout Europe and the Americas. Having been around for more than a 100 years, they are the trusted partners of some of the best luxury tailors in the world.

Dugdale Bros & Co.

The producers of exceptional Merino wool textiles, Reda 1865 is a unique story of craftsmanship in itself. They are the most exquisite fabric manufacturers from Italy with a passion for excellence. In spite of having become such a big player in the market, they have remained true to their Italian roots. Their fabrics emit a sense of authentic skill and Italian style.

In the clothing industry, the fitting of the clothes and the quality of the fabric is paramount. At Bellissimo Regno, we believe in providing an uncompromising fit and the best quality fabrics to our customers. This is why our partners are some of the finest players in their industry.

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