Groomsmen toasting to the goom in a bachelor party
Planning a Bachelor Party: An Unforgettable Night

A bachelor party is a long-awaited celebratory event- a once in a lifetime one- that the groom and his wedding party should remember! Also known as a stag do, it signifies the groom’s “last night of freedom”, and is commemorated by all sorts of unique activities. Often, bachelor parties are stuck to the stereotype of a drunken, forgettable party that will leave you with a washy memory of the fun you’ve had. However, the best approach to having an epic stag night is by doing something that the groom and bride are comfortable with while making an experience out of it. So, without further ado, here are some bachelor party ideas for the groom, groomsmen, and the wedding party to enjoy.


One way to make an experience unforgettable? To have a thrilling, out of the ordinary activity. You could go and enjoy a skydiving trip, go hunting, or even bungee jumping! Also, you could try rafting, motorsports, surfing, and going on an air balloon. If you’re in Sydney or planning on going, you might want to try the bridge climb experience. This involves climbing up the Sydney Harbour Bridge gives a certain appeal to thrill-seekers around the world.

Group Travelling

Not a fan of extreme activities? We’ve got you covered. Opt for a short trip to go canoeing, kayaking, or camping. You could also opt to go for food tourism experiences such as wine tasting or custom whiskey or cigar tastings. Additionally, you could go on a road trip and take it as a chance to be spontaneous- you can check the ten most excellent road trips in Australia right here. Keep in mind that if you are going overseas, you have to focus on the group budget and time constraints. Since the groomsmen will be covering the costs for this party, we want to make sure that their wallets are not being drained for a fun weekend. The main point to remember here is that you can have fun anywhere.


What better way to show team solidarity than arranging a tournament for the guys? Customize some tee shirts and caps, and organize a basketball, baseball, golf, and personalize your team. Of course, a long day’s game later, an after-party is a must! If you’re more spectators than players, gather the team and get tickets for a local game near you. You can also try to get your group featured on the scoreboard.


Nowadays, many tasting trips accommodate groups. You could go for a wine tasting or opt for cigar and whiskey masterclasses, like this one from Gentleman’s Cabinet in Sydney. You could also opt for a brewery or distillery tour, and down the liquid gold.

All of these ideas are superb, but what matters most is that you have an epic time. After all, it’s not the venue or the activity, but it’s the people that make the event a real party.

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