Pocket Squares

A man is quintessentially defined by what he wears. The whole ensemble typically sets the tone for the occasion – be it an interview, a wedding, or a formal dinner. Being well-dressed is key to making you stand out in every situation. The most crucial aspect of adorning a good suit is ensuring the measurements are correct, the colors are complementary, and the accessories go with the whole outfit.

Pocket squares are amongst the most common piece of accessory to go with a suit. Although earlier it was believed to be used for hygiene purposes, it has now come to serve an aesthetic purpose to the entire look and also been considered a mark of prestige. It is an excellent piece of an understated yet stylish addition to the entire attire. Although, worn with a tie of a different color or pattern can lead to possibly the most disastrous look.

In recent times, pocket squares almost completely fell off the grid; however, current trends are bringing them back into fashion. Pocket squares have become one of the essential fashion accessories of the typical dapper man. It fundamentally needs to be neat and straightforward to prevent the entire outfit from looking messy. Pocket squares add a sense of panache to the entire attire!

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