Pretty(Handsome) in a Pink Shirt

Man in a Pink shirt

Often men will opt for dress shirts that are shades of white or blue. Wearing these shades under a black, navy or grey coloured suits usually provide a subtle contrast, which complements the outfit. Although the idea of wearing a pink shirt for men might seem intimidating, it is a statement piece to make you stand out. While still maintaining versatility, this understated shade adds character to the base colour of your suit.

How to Wear the Pink Shirt

Standard blue and white dress shirts typically flatter various suit colours. They add tonal contrast without overpowering the ensemble. For instance, a sky blue shirt with a dark navy suit, or a white shirt with a dark grey double-breasted suit. Pink can do the same- however, when it’s feeling a bit stuffy, and you have to take off the jacket, you will continue to stand out with your waistcoat-shirt contrast.

With a more playful undertone, the pink shirt also fits more casual events. You can match it with khakis, or lighter coloured chinos. Moreover, the rather conspicuous hue offers a smooth shift from formal workwear to casual wear.

The best combination? Undoubtedly a pink dress shirt under a charcoal grey double-breasted suit. You can have the contrast, the subtlety, and the style all in one.

A Play of Pink

As with every other solid coloured shirt, there are many ways to reconstruct the look. Embellishing the colour with a texture such as oxford, twill or poplin. Additionally, a pair of pink linen with khakis or cream coloured trousers to create a casual beach style.

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