Say hello to my little friendly words on scarves. Scarves have been an everyday occurrence throughout history as fashion or utility clothing all over the world. There have been historical depictions of people wearing scarves all the way from Rome to China. However, the uses for the same couldn’t be more different. The Romans used it to clean sweat from their face and necks, while the Chinese emperor made his soldiers wear specially coloured scarves to be able to differentiate between them. The first recorded scarf is said to have been worn by Queen Nefertiti of Egypt in as early as 1350 BC.

Scarves are commonly made of Wool, Silk, Cotton or Cashmere and provide excellent warmth to the neck while still providing freedom of movement. The following are a few ways for scarves to be worn :–

The Drape – For this, simply drape the Scarf around your neck and down your chest. This method is more commonly used for style rather than function as it adds another element to one’s wardrobe and helps draw attention to one’s face. This is perfect if the weather is chilly but not cold.

The Once Around – For this, drape your scarf around your neck with the right side being shorter, bring the left of the scarf up and over your shoulder and around your neck to the front again. This style brings more warmth to the neck and is therefore suitable for more colder weather.

The Over Hand – This is an immaculate and crisp style of tying a scarf and is simple as well. It provides similar warmth as the once around. Drape the scarf around your neck with the right side being shorter and the left hand crossed over it. Then bring the left side up through the loop in the neck and then back out the front.

Reverse Drape – This an excellent knot for colder weather as it provides superior protection for the neck. For this style, simply drape the scarf around your neck, with equal lengths on both sides. Then simply take the left side and throw it over your right shoulder and take the right side and throw it over your left shoulder.

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