The Biggest Tailoring Trends of the Year

Tailoring is a dynamic industry. With fashion trends changing time and again, the sector undergoes a bunch of modifications too. Recently, dressing smart and sharp has become the new affection of male shoppers both in terms of formalwear and casual wear. Most people today, do not fit into the average body-type category, which is why personalization has become the top priority for today’s tailoring professionals.

Here are 5 of the year’s biggest tailoring trends.

Bespoke Clothing

With customization being the upcoming inclination in the fashion industry, bespoke is the way everyone is taking, especially when it comes to formal clothing. The changing lifestyle of shoppers is the vital driving force behind the augmentation of hand-crafted suits and also casualwear to an extent.

Same clothes, different looks

Male shoppers today are asking for versatility in terms of tailoring. They want clothes that can be worn in several different ways but still manage to create unique and individual looks each time. These perfectly mismatched looks allow shoppers the freedom to mix and match their tailored pieces with more casual items like styling a formal overcoat with dark denim for a sporty look.


The use of textured fabrics are becoming increasingly common among the males of today. Instead of going for the traditional solid colored formalwear, their preferences are gradually moving towards the less conventional textured fabrics for their suits.


Brown is becoming a trendy color in formalwear today, challenging the monopoly of navy, grey and black as tailoring colors. The subtlety of the color makes it stand out and gives it an all-purpose look such that the suit can be worn to most occasions.

Loud colors and patterns

Men are no longer looking to wear standard colors and patterns. They are looking to make a bold statement with loud colors and patterns. Colors like burgundy, yellow, mint green are becoming the new favorites. Inner linings and sequined suits or even those with floral designs are starting to take over the fashion industry for men.

Tailoring today is no longer as we have known it for decades. It continues to become more and more multi-faceted and transforming as an industry.

One thought on “The Biggest Tailoring Trends of the Year

  1. Patrizio Tognozzi says:

    Men are finally today more open minded and wants to look sharper and better just like women do. Bespoke ok, but a more casual and stylish look with quality is even better now.

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