The Mad Dressing Sense of Don Draper

Have you watched Mad Men? The show is impressive, but what’s more surprising is the fashion style. The show begins in the 1960s; what the actors are wearing is the height of fashion from that era. The classic suits worn in the show have more earthy and dark colours along with a healthy choice of grey suits. Don Draper, the primary mad man or main character effortlessly espouses the style. Seemingly having the perfect suit for every occasion, he is the champion of the look from that era be it workwear or casual wear.

The show and the Don Draper look has created a resurgence of the retro look among the viewers of the show.

His ‘mad’ dressing sense in the show is quite iconic, with most outfits being textured and patterned along with a small selection of solid coloured formalwear. Subtle stripes and weaved window checks are the heroes of his wardrobe. With the classic white dress shirt as a base for nearly all his formalwear, he always looked crisp and impeccable.

Don Draper is also a master at utilizing formal accents and accessories to complete his look. His ties are almost always simple yet elegant. He wears a mix of solid ties or diagonally striped ties that complement his suit. He often pairs it with the occasional Tie Pin, making him look more approachable in his shots. Don Draper also is rarely seen without his French cuffs, which add another subtle element to his ensemble. Not to forget the pocket squares ever-present in a delicate horizontal fold adding to his confident look.

You cannot write about the fashion in the 1960s without focusing on hats worn by the cast. With an impressive variety of Fedoras, the era has indeed become the tail end of the age of hats. The rest of the wardrobe is again, classic and straightforward. Polished black oxfords and Contrasting overcoats complete the look. Check out some of our Vintage fabrics in our Shelby Collection. We highly recommend the Ezio Fabric.

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