The Relevance of the White Shirt

The White Shirt

The white shirt holds an uncontested place in fashion. It is the ultimate dependable utility player on every wardrobe and the perfect blank canvas.

The look allows designers to let their imagination run on. It can be adorned with affable ease and is an absolute essential in every man’s wardrobe. The white shirt pairs with all occasions, whether it is worn in the boardroom or for an intense football match or only with a black-tie for a Sunday barbeque. You could wear it as a part of a lot of different combinations. You can check out great combinations in our article The Essentials of Men’s Clothing.

The fit of the shirt is of the utmost importance. Neither should the body be too generous, nor should there be any fabric flapping around the shoulders. Checking the fit, while sitting down, is crucial as it helps avoid the risk of gaping buttons later on. White shirts with long tails need to be tucked in however scooped ones are meant to be tucked out for the sake of it not riding up and displaying bare flashes of skin.

This importance of the shirt stems from its universal versatility, for any season and any significant event. Matching a suit and tie to a white shirt is a breeze, saving time and money. Pair it with a black outfit, and it can create one of the most formal and classy looks you will ever have. Over the years, the classic white button-down has maintained a refreshing and sophisticated essence. Due to the wide-spread acceptability of the white shirt, the term “white-collar” has become a common phrase used to describe office-goers. Timeless and modern a classic white shirt is always a winner and a crowd favourite in all situations. Check out the Fabulous White shirt collection at Asos.

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