The Rules of Style

In terms of some personal wardrobe go-to’s, here are six amazing and useful pieces of advice when it comes to enhancing your style.

“Fashion says ‘Me too’, and Style says ‘Only me’.” – Geraldine Stutz

The White Shirt

A good white poplin shirt is an absolute must in every man’s wardrobe. A white shirt with a black suit adds a sense of crispness to the entire attire and the white just seems to stand out. This particular outfit is sure to make a man feel sharper.

The Collar Bar

A collar bar with a shirt and a tie adds to the comfort of wearing a suit. It adds to the grandiosity of the look and makes you feel less conventional while adorning a suit.

A Well-Cut Black Suit

A beautifully cut black suit with generous lapels is a wardrobe necessity for every man. Slim-fit suits with skinny lapels often end up looking lousy. Suits are meant to make men look broader at the shoulder and smaller at the waist and hips. Men should feel and look younger in suits.

Always have Two Looks

Having two suit looks is essential. An urban look comprising of a black suit and black boots as well as a country look in shades of brown. A dark brown jacket is something classic yet hardy option.

A Tuxedo for the Evenings

Evenings allow men to dress in a lavish way. Sporting a tuxedo is one of the best options because it’s better to be slightly overdressed than to be underdressed. A velvet tuxedo, not only takes colour really well but also looks really rich and chic.

Never be Afraid of Fragrance

Spraying on lots of fragrance is never a bad thing. Mixing the fragrances helps retain the good odour throughout the day. All you have to do is chose a great fragrance so it never feels like too much.

Confidence is the most important aspect of any look and following these very basic rules of style helps boost just that. In the words of Harry Winston, people will stare – make it worth their while.

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