What do we have on our office desk?

Bellissimo Regno Office Desk

Typically, office desks are treated as places to clutter with photographs, your laptop, and other paraphernalia. However, at Bellissimo Regno, our office desk often has ten essentials, which help increase our productivity at work.


laptop on office desk

With the overwhelming use of technology these days, a laptop at your desk is an absolute must-have. Actually, today you need a laptop for every little task– to access websites, process transactions, to send out emails and to be able to keep tabs on your work-in-progress.


ipad on offie desk

It is essentially what is used for interfacing with the customer for maximum usage of the website. Additionally, the iPad helps in instantly recording customer needs for future reference and also with fabric browsing.



A phone is one of the handiest tools in each of our lives today. All significant interactions happen within just a matter of a few digits. At Bellissimo Regno, we believe social media is a great way to reach out to people, which is where using a phone becomes imperative.

A Mouse with a Mouse Pad

mouse and mouse pad

This is for the smoother functioning of the laptop. With all your tech in place, your concentration and productivity level are almost always skyrocketing.


headphones connected to phone

You may enjoy the playlist of your co-workers. However, there are times when you need to zone out. Every time you need a motivational tune, your earphones can be your savior.

Office Desk Organizer

office desk organizer

Your office desk organizer must be filled with working stationery like pens, pencils, erasers, a scale, a stapler and staples, a highlighter, and anything else that you may need. Also, a functional desk organizer saves you the trouble of hunting down your stationery items.

To-Do List

To do list on office desk

A to-do list is crucial to record vital aspects of your brainstorming sessions, important thoughts before you forget them, essential phone numbers, and the list of tasks that need to be completed during the week.

Table Clock/Watch

Yellow Clock

A clock or a watch is what keeps you punctual and helps you deliver work on-time. Essentially, sticking to timelines is one of the most fundamental attributes of good work ethics.


Bellissimo Regno Fabrics on Office Desk

An office desk essential which is unique to Bellissimo Regno is our fabric booklets. Specifically, exploring the best quality fabrics for our customers is what we strongly believe in. As a result, we always keep our materials at hand to ensure our recommendations are on point.

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