Why Buy a Suit for US$1500 Online?

Your clothes tell your story. First impressions are formed in an instant. In today’s world, where communication is critical, first impressions do matter. Dressing and positively carrying yourself is essential in you being perceived well and taken seriously. This is precisely why investing in clothes is so vital today.

“Get it through your head, First impression is last” – Harvey Specter

Bellissimo Regno brings to you the best of bespoke formalwear to ensure that your suits fit you almost perfectly. Not only this, bespoke shopping has now been made really convenient. With mere clicks of buttons, you can customize each and every detail on your suit to ‘suit your needs.’

With online shopping still being a relatively new concept, you may ask, ‘Why should I invest US$1500 into buying a suit online?’ The answer is, for the mere expediency of ‘choice.’ With Bellissimo Regno, when purchasing a suit for US$1500, you can choose any fabric from the wide variety we offer. Everything on the suit, including the threading, the inner lining, the buttons, and even the name on the inside of the suit can be changed according to your preferences.

After three weeks, you will get a try-on piece which you can try on, click pictures in, and evaluate critically to ensure all that you are not satisfied with can be mended on the suit. Once the suit is sent back to us, we will take your feedback and rectify all the unsatisfactory elements to provide you with a perfect fit. The suits in this range can be made 3-piece or 2-piece to accommodate your penchants. The fabrics come from the finest English mills and are the highest quality, most expensive fabrics especially picked out for your custom suit design.

Rather than investing in a large wardrobe, you should always invest in quality over quantity. Purchasing formalwear that enhances your overall personality and puts the message you want to convey out there. A suit that fit and flatter your body will always make you look your best.

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