Self Love
Why Loving Self-Love is so Important

February 14th is the one day when everyone takes out the time amidst their busy lives to celebrate a beautiful emotion – LOVE. However, with all the buzz around showing other people in your life the love you hold in our hearts, are you forgetting to love the most important person – you?

The Truth behind Self-Love

Self-love often falls into the trap of being self-centred and vain. However, it is about respecting yourself and harmonizing with your feelings. A genuine appreciation for who you are is the most empowering feeling you will ever have come across. You often are your own harshest critic, but why is it that you can’t be your cheerleader when you need it the most? If reproaching yourself to push your limits is essential, so is being kind to yourself and valuing yourself for who you are to remain motivated and positive. A healthy sense of appreciation of who you are and where you are right now helps in the growth of you.

The Importance of NO

Make this Valentine’s Day all about learning to say no, establishing your boundaries and prioritizing your wellness. Spend some alone time with yourself doing things you like without indulging in what others want to do with you for some time. You may feel like it’s selfish, but honestly and realistically, it’s necessary! Putting yourself at the top of your list suddenly will be a courageous move, but genuinely liberating too. This Valentine’s Day, learn to fall in love with yourself.

“If you can find someone to love the you that you love, well, that’s just fabulous.” Till then, keep loving those you can. And that includes yourself.” ~ Carrie Bradshaw

This year you must find a way to ward off all the negative emotions associated with self-deprecating, with a smile and start reflecting upon what a beautiful person you indeed are. Take yourself out on a date this Valentine’s Day, take a day off to pamper yourself, buy those shoes that you always wanted and do all the things that legitimately make you happy. Before dedicating this day to someone else, make sure you start by loving the one person who has been there through everything with you – YOU.


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