Why Travelling Tailors are the Best!

Traditionally, tailoring consultations have always been known to be held at the tailor’s premises. However, at Bellissimo Regno, we believe in doing things outside the box. We have adapted our business model to make our tailoring service come to your doorstep. Especially with bespoke fashion, detailed tailoring consultations are a must to get the right fit and cater to your exact needs. This is why we believe in giving you the experience within the comfort of your home or office.


You do not have to take out time to fit into your tailor’s schedule anymore. Our style consultants will come to you at a time that suits you. These even include all odd hours between 9 am – 9 pm.

No Traveling Expenses

There is no need for you to travel anywhere to get the best fit for your suits. Bellissimo Regno’s traveling tailor service brings a perfect fit guarantee for you.

Input from your loved ones

This business model helps you take valuable inputs from your family, partners or friends for the ideation of the suit. We understand that at the time, it may be confusing or even intimidating to make the right decision regarding your bespoke suit. Therefore, we aim to make this an entirely familial experience.

A luxurious experience

Our traveling tailor service is a splendid and luxurious experience. While you enjoy a complimentary fine bottle of red wine, you can sit back, relax and watch your bespoke suit come to life.

Delivery speed

Once the tailoring consultations are over and you are satisfied with the kind of bespoke suit you want, the stitching will start at the earliest and the delivery will take place within 5-6 weeks of the consultations.

Alterations are on us

Since our tailoring services are completely personalized, the onus of any cost of alterations that may be required after the suit is made is on us. Either that or we will make sure to provide you a new suit, catered to fit your needs even better.

A man’s clothes send a message to the world about him. Suffering just for the sake of looking good does not do any man any good. If he feels uncomfortable in the suit, it shows. This is why bespoke, which is made-to-fit each and every person’s individual body type and Bellissimo Regno’s traveling tailor services make the entire experience convenient and plush.

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