Your Fragrance: An Unforgettable Accessory

A Perfume Bottle

The fragrance is one of the most important forms of non-verbal communication. It leaves much more of an impact on people you meet than the way you look.

Your fragrance is a first impression and a lasting recollection!

Here are some basic rules for smelling great throughout the day.

Rule Number 1: Be Generous with your Perfume
Putting lots of perfume is never a bad thing. All you have to do is make sure you put the right ones. Mixing and applying perfumes at different times of the day helps with your mood & your confidence. We recommend putting on some right before going to bed; this would help you relax after an exhausting day.

Rule Number 2: Select the intensity you prefer carefully
Using an Eau de Parfum for an intense smell is the way to go, however, for a more subtle fragrance, scented soap or Eau de Toilette is probably the more suited option. The scent of an Eau de Toilette lightens up fairly quickly, whereas Eau de Parfum lasts around six hours, which makes it the best choice for a long night out. For a great Eau de Toilette, Check out MontBlanc Legend here.

Rule Number 3: Refer to the colour of your shirt/suit
With dark colours in play, the musk fragrance goes well. With more shades of blue, fragrances like ocean breeze smell tremendous and set the mood. It is essential to match the colour of what you’re wearing to the atmosphere as well as your fragrance to your attire.

You tend to create another version of yourself with different scents and the right style. Do read our Rules of Style right here. You can never really understand the kind of impression you leave on a person, wearing the right fragrance just makes it slightly better.

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