Your Watch – A Fashion Statement

Watches are the most convenient way to tell the time. A glance at your watch is a classy way to keep a check on the time no matter where you are. Taking out your phone just to check the time in the middle of the conversation is a rude gesture. However, you must keep in mind that not every watch is suitable for any occasion. The kind of watch must match the formality of the occasion.

A phone does not keep you punctual. A watch does

Match it with your shoes

The material and color of your watch must match that of your shoes. For example, a watch with a black leather strap must be worn with black leather shoes and belt and brown with brown.

Metal watches

The metal case of the watch must match the metal makings of the other accessories you wear. For instance, a gold round-dial watch looks great with a burgundy suit with which has round gold buttons. Silver metal watch usually goes with everything and are very classy wear.

Pick a watch according to your size

A watch that is in accordance with your body size is the best way to go. The body size and the watch size must be proportionate. Men with slimmer body structures seem to work thin watches better while those who are more built up can go for bigger, more robust watch dials.

Heirloom watches

These are a great choice to wear since they portray a sense of class and are also great conversation strikers for the first time you meet a person.

If you ever find yourself in doubt, always look to match your watch with your shoes or bag. You must keep in mind that tan-strap watches are essential as they go well with most outfits. Black-strap watches may not be the ideal choice for all outfits. Watches are a stylish accessory for men to adorn, especially when they are going for the formal or sporty look. When your suit sleeve rides up a little, if chosen wisely, watches signal chic and elegance.

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